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September 5 2014
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August 14 2014
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July 26 2014
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Its almost 2am and probably no one will see this.
But idk whatever

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July 19 2014
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reactivated my twitter so i can brag about my thrift finds and good times so if y’all wanna follow, it’s


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July 14 2014
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July 14 2014
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Before I forget, I exchanged painfully terrible pond puns with a middleaged guy at the bar I work at today

He said, “I mean I may get drunk and swim in it for the hell of it…or should I say Halibut…”  

At another point of our conversation:

I said, “aw man…youre gonna have lily pads …?”

Him: “yeah…what’s wrong with lily pads…”

Me: “well nothing is wrong with them, I guess they’re just too main-stream for me…”

In other words, I am officially a dad now.

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July 10 2014
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haters gon’ hateand ya girl’s just gunna laaaaaaaaaugh

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June 24 2014
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May 15 2014
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Dis was from Frideh.

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May 6 2014
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Girl I’m feelin like you just rolled up for me ya like smoke.

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May 1 2014
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April 21 2014
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& it was only fitting to wear my new playsuit out to play.

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April 19 2014
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It’s ya boi Joaquin

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April 15 2014
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So glad Al made me get this croppy

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April 13 2014
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